We can create your design into a 3D model and deliver it back to you
in as little as 24 hrs.

Maximum Build Size x = 203mm , y = 203mm , z = 152mm

Layer Thickness = 0.254mm

Model Material = ABS

Colours available = Ivory, Dark Grey, Black, Blue, Red, Fluorescent Yellow, Nectarine, Olive Green

3D Print Service can provide cost effective prototype / small runs of ABS parts, usually returned within 24 hours of receipt of model, this website enables the submission of an STL model file.

3D printing is cost effective, fast and durable

The reason for using a 3D printer is that you can create a 3D model of your design without the need for tooling, moulds or specialist programming skills.  CAD designers now want to have small scaled models made for proof of concept, functional testing or product mock-ups.  To ensure the integrity of the design, or to simply have the model in hand to show their customers.

3D printing allows models to be printed with fully working mechanisms in one print e.g.: chain, gear box, ball bearing race the list is endless.  This is made possible due to the air gaps between moving parts being filled with soluble support material.  Once the model is finished it is removed from the machine and placed in a bath of soap solution which gradually dissolves the support material leaving you with the ABS model.  ABS is a durable material and is made to stand up against functional testing inreal world conditions.  Finished models can be drilled, machined, sanded, painted even chrome plated.

3D printing works by converting a 3D digital design from CAD software called an STL file into thin cross sections that are determined by the printer software.  This information is sent to the printer where it starts building the model layer by layer, which is called additive layer manufacture.

Our prices depend on the volume of material that is used, the more complex the model does not necessarily mean that it will cost more, in fact it would probably cost less due to air gaps present in the design, which ultimately will use less material than a solid model.

Lead times on models are dependent on the time it takes to print them.  A small model could be printed in less than 2 hours meaning it could be shipped out in the same day.  This is also dependent on how much post processing work is required and on our workload at the time of ordering.  If your model is urgent then please let us know when we quote and we may be able to prioritise your model, which then could take as little as 24 hours to ship.



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